about us

Founded in 2022, neper music is an independent record label specializing in anthological and collaborative works within the realm of written and improvised musical productions. Encompassing renowned authors and influential creators, the label boasts a diverse and eclectic catalog that spans from contemporary to experimental music recordings. The label’s focus is on delivering interchanging, unique, and musical diverse releases. By promoting truly immersive listening experiences, the neper’s music concept is based on multiple dialogues besides its sonic imaginations, bringing twists and turns through music and its actors, whether they are composers, performers, or listeners.
At the heart of our identity lies the neper symbol, graphically arranged as an inverted double flat. It describes the logarithmic progression of listening while embodying the infinite and timeless nature of musical imagination.

musical anthologies

Musical anthologies are thoughtfully curated collections, blending carefully selected works into a unique, specifically designed release. These anthologies feature phonograph compilations that invite listeners to explore a broader spectrum of musical diversity towards a conceptual-oriented discography.