Alexandre Delgado

Alexandre Delgado (Lisbon 1965), is a highly accomplished Portuguese composer and musician. He graduated in violin and composition from the Lisbon National Conservatory in 1983 and studied under composer Joly Braga Santos during his formative years. At the young age of 17, his Prelude for strings was premiered by the RDP Symphony Orchestra.

Furthering his musical education, Delgado pursued studies with Jacques Charpentier in Nice, France, earning the First Prize of Composition at the Nice Conservatory in 1990. He then returned to Portugal and composed several notable works, including Antagonia for cello and String Quartet.

His career took a significant turn with the premiere of his chamber opera, “O Doido e a Morte,” in 1994, garnering critical acclaim and leading to international invitations for directing the opera in Germany and Brazil. Delgado’s extensive portfolio spans orchestral, chamber, vocal music, and two operas, “O Doido e a Morte” and “The Mad Queen,” performed at prestigious festivals worldwide.

Additionally, Delgado is an accomplished viola player, a former member of renowned musical ensembles, and a respected music critic. He has also directed the Cistermúsica / Alcobaça Music Festival and hosts the weekly radio program “A Propósito da Música” on Antena 2. Delgado is further recognized as an author, having penned several books, including “A Sinfonia em Portugal,” “A Culpa é do Maestro,” and “Luís de Freitas Branco,” enriching Portugal’s classical music scene.

November 17, 2022
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