Bernardo Lima

Bernardo Lima (1993) has a Master’s degree in Music Teaching – Analysis and Composition since July 2020 by the University of Aveiro with his dissertation evaluated with maximum grade.
He is also a Master in Composition and Music Theory from the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo (2017), an institution where he also completed a degree in Composition (2015). He was a student of Eugénio Amorim, Fernando Lapa, Filipe Vieira and Dimitris Andrikopoulos.
The composer has collaborated with musicians such as João Casimiro Almeida, Frederic Cardoso and Ricardo Antão. Some works have been included in the albums LUX ET UMBRA, Mixed Dialogues and Sete Pecados Mortais.
In parallel with his work as a composer, he has explored musical direction, where he had the opportunity to study with Douglas Bostock, Mark Heron, Rafael Vilaplana, Baldur Bronnimann, Artur Pinho Maria and Eugénio Amorim.
As a guest conductor, he directed the ESMAE Contemporary Music Ensemble in the CCRE-MPC Project, ESML-ESMAE-EU collaboration, with which he recorded a CD in May 2018.
He is assistant conductor of Banda Amizade – Aveiro Symphonic Band; teacher of analysis, composition and musical training at the Academia de Música da Fortaleza de Valença and Conservatorio de Música Terras de Santa Maria.

January 12, 2024
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